micromobility strategies for Somerville’s future

MicroMobility Somerville

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MicroMobility Somerville

We are researching and developing pilot programs to advance the cause of micromobility in Somerville and beyond. Micromobility includes the various ways people move around using vehicles and devices that are smaller than automobiles - including scooters, e-bikes, and more. We know that our city is dense and growing rapidly, and our streets can't get any bigger - so we need to make our transport vehicles smaller!

µMob Somerville is a project of The Bureau of Public Imagination, a Dream Tank that sponsors projects that bring people together to imagine better futures, together.

In the fall of 2021, we kicked off our first pilot project, Carbon Free Delivery, at the Union Square Farmers' Market. This pilot uses an electric moped, provided by The Somerville Electric Vehicle Company, to test the feasibility and acceptance of same-day home delivery of market purchases to Somerville residents. We believe that home delivery will encourage more people to attend the market, to make larger purchases at the market, and - most importantly - to travel to the market without driving their cars.